Educational Assistance Program

Do you want an exciting and meaningful experience in PERU?
LISOFT gives you the opportunity to join our school staff. If you are willing to travel to a foreign country and work with children, this is the perfect chance for you!
We are recruiting foreign, English speaking teachers!
What are the requirements? As long as your native language is English or have advanced english you are qualified! We are looking for a mature high school graduate, college student, or adult who is willing to make a commitment to assist our English teachers in a Learning Center of our school. We use the American and Christian curriculum from Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.).
You can work with our teachers in the areas of Kindergarten, Elementary or High-school. This commitment in Lima, Peru will give you great insight into our culture and a valuable teaching experience. Both short- and long-term ministry opportunities are available. You can be involved in this life-changing opportunity by committing 5 months, a year, or more. You will be challenged and blessed as the Lord works through your life. Your presence would be of great blessing for our teachers and students!
Contact us if you want more information.